A man who has dated/is currently dating a psycho girl...And survived. A wildman either inadvertently finds himself in situations where he attracts crazy girls and proceeds to date them or actively seeks out crazy girls for the great sex.

More often than not, a wildman finds himself in a vicious cycle of dating crazy girls until a combination of complete emotional exhaustion and PTSD drives him to stop.
Random Chad 1: You the guy that dated psycho Sally over there?
Wildman: Uh yeah that was me...
Random Chad 1: That's just hot shit...You're a wildman you know that? He's a wildman you know that? I wanna shake your hand.

Random Chad 2: What's the best way to go about...Dating these crazy girls?
Wildman: The way you don't die sir.
Random Chad 2: That's a good one... Spoken like a wildman.
by wild-man January 13, 2020
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n- When one takes an old, rusted car (30s-70s) and slams the piss out of it on rims make of Unicorn horn. This can include, but is not limited to Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Datsun, and Toyota.
Did you see that Wildman Merc? Yeah man, I love seeing rusty cars dust streets with the frame.
by EmeraldPeanut October 28, 2012
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Takes it up the arse. Sometimes he believes in dressing up in full military gear and doing a helicopter with his knob hanging out. Great guy.
Rory Baxter, head boy of the High School of Dundee.
by Quijybo November 14, 2003
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A man or women with a penis who regularly completely risky activities both sexually and non sexually. If the person does not take these risks regularly enough they are demoted to regular man.
Bill your a wildman I cant believe you actually ate out that really fat chick, while eating multiple hotdogs upsidedown.
by Sammy Pollack July 29, 2009
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a person who is a crazy fuck who does anything for the rush. this person can be calm one second, then turn "wild" the next. you don't want to fuck with this person
F wildmAn G.
by F wildmAn G December 13, 2009
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man of short temper who fancies hudders.
don't go wild, wildman!!!

wiiiiiiiildman, wiiiiiiiiiiiildman, wiiiiiiiildman!
by Moir, Julia, Rachael & Gubby January 30, 2004
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When someone gets scared or extremely excited and soils their underwear. Analogous to having the shit scared out of you.
1) That was so exciting that I pulled a wildman!

2) That was so frightening that I pulled a wildman...need to go home and change my underwear.

scared shitless

shit scared out of you

scare the shit out of you
by bdubalicious October 26, 2013
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