Applies to a variety of unattractive people who may commonly be seen in Walmart, trashy gas stations, dollar stores, cheap bars, and pretty much anywhere else.
Characteristics of Wildlife include but are not limited to: Mullets, lack of teeth, excess hair in locations that hair should not grow from, exceptionally greasy hair, multiple chins, open mouths (due to the heavy breathing required after strenuous exercise, such as walking several yards on flat ground), camoflage clothing, and paraphernalia relating to NASCAR.
After discovering that there was nothing to do in Bumhole Alabama, we drove down to Walmart to watch the local Wildlife at play.

Joe: Man, what do you want to do?

Ed: Let's take this video camera to Walmart and make a nature documentary!

Joe: Capital idea!
by Wildlife Watcher 97.4 December 28, 2011
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a person who enjoys wildlife. a person who enjoys being outside, observing wildlife
Wildlifers from all over the world come to see the great hawk migration.
by oshuaJay A. October 31, 2005
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A great band from San Francisco that combines indie, electronic, soul, and classical rock. They have an album called Sweet Plastic.
The Wildlife's Electric Slide, Part II is a great song.
by Commander Pancakes September 24, 2006
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1, girls naughty by nature. 2, girls that you dislike because they exhibit animalistic qualities. 3, referring to high school and college girls that a have predominant stuck-up personality.
Did you see all the wildlife at that party?
by Lance Mitchell August 8, 2003
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Animals--rats, cats, coyotes, etc--seen from afar on streets and sidewalks or stuck in trees, which, when approached, turn out to actually just be trash blowing in the breeze.
I saw some scary urban wildlife in a bush last night. I was pretty freaked out until I realized it was just a plastic bag.
by eyehustlin May 14, 2014
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Television shows that very few normal people watch. It must be said, however, that wildlife documentaries are excellently produced and carefully wrought.
by Comrade Dmitri February 25, 2004
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when you are a teenager and you living like a rockstar which includes drinking smoking doing drugs and fucking a lot
Dude do you remember that teenage wildlife we lived when we were in highschool

Of course I do I tell you that was good times
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