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A phrase often used to describe a girl whom you feel possesses certain qualities that qualifies her to be a model wife for you.

1) Kind
2) Sweet
3) Caring
4) Compassionate

Also see: Wifey
"Did you meet Christine yet? Man, she's definitely Wifey Material."
by Elmer March 23, 2005
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A loyal female , who hasn’t slept around , cleans /cooks , funny , smart , intelligent , and loving ...
She is also a person you could imagine carrying you children or as a loving wife
by Unknown456776436890086 July 29, 2018
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What really slutty, ghetto girls call themselves to make them seem real and cute and kind but that's not really how they are.
I'm such Wifey Material. I'm a whore! Yaaaaay.
by GIRRRRRRRRL January 31, 2010
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