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When two people love eachother very very much, this little thing happens called sex.
You gotta try the fries to get to the whoppa.
Pull out your peener - see penis, it's whoppa time.
Let's get it on.
by You Know Me From Last Night (; October 02, 2009
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Ted Kennedy: "Ehhh, I'll have the Whoppa."

Cashier: "I think you've had enough, sir."

Ted Kennedy: "You shat your mouth, or I'll have you muddahd!"
by jvarna5 February 01, 2008
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a prize plum..., slightly higher on the scale of nobbery
man is hit by car on the traffic lights.............., bystander remarks....., 'whoppa' - see bellend
by david j griffin September 11, 2005
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