A female who is physically fit and ways right. Also they typically shop at whole foods
by 3PEX September 22, 2017
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This is when a Whole Foods supermarket moves into a typically poor or low-income neighborhood, leading to a change in the community. It turns from minorities to young adults who yuppify the area, driving up rents and changing the personality of the community. Places like Starbucks and hipster clothing stores tend to follow in Whole Foods.
Jim: "Where did all these vegetarians and hipsters come from?"
Tom: "Remember when that Whole Foods took over Alex's Groceries?"
Jim: "Yeah.."
Tom: "Well they all started showing up like a month later. It's the Whole Foods effect bro."
by FoodAndSoc November 24, 2014
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1) Most precisely used when speaking the honest truth to your foodie friends.

2) Another way of saying, I'm being as natural as possible, but about to eat your words anyways.

3) When you have a heavy heart and a gut feeling at the same time.
"Budweiser is the best beer ever."
"I Whole Foods Heartedly disagree. You need to barrel age that ish"
"Holy shit"
"Holy shit, Whole Foods Heartedly, I'm on to something, right?
by nochyowl October 12, 2015
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When a Whole Foods grocery store moves into an urban neighborhood, catalyzing economic development and gentrification. Often, this means middle-class, “hipster” young adults moving in, pushing up rents and pushing out long-time residents.
Shana: “Since when have the rents in this neighborhood been so expensive? Who are all these artsy, vegetable-loving yuppies hanging around?”

Sean: “Well, you can blame it on the new Whole Foods store that opened last year - it’s the Whole Foods Effect. "
by cp2014 November 23, 2014
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Do you wanna cure your cancer, osteoporosis and be super healthy while you do so? Try the whole foods plant based diet, void of “decaying cooked bovine flesh” and “baby cow growth fluid”. You will live longer, healthier and more fullfilled lives. Try it today, Doctor recomended! *100% not vegan propaganda*
What the health and cowspiracy totally changed my mind about my awful meat eating ways. I got rid of my cancer due to my whole foods plant based diet.
by SaraSleigh February 12, 2018
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A virgin ginger bitch who tends to be on the tinier side. She tends to be non-vaccine, and she is usually a bitch.
Me: Yo, I just banged that Whole Foods Cherry.
Him: Damn, good for you I guess, but I’m not about that shit.
by ThatCheebsKid July 15, 2019
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