I'm so fucking bored that I looked up "I'm so fucking bored," and found someone else as fucking bored as I am.
by Borreeedddddd October 25, 2009
A four word phrase typed into google search when one finds they have nothing to do and has had nothing to do for a long period of time. I'm so fucking bored is more commonly searched by teenager, specifically males who are out of things to do during the months of summer vacation.
Google: I'm sorry there are no search results for "i'm so fucking bored". Did you mean "I want to shoot myself"?
by Indierockandroll August 13, 2010
Being so bored that you've got nothing else to do in this world so you come on here some reason
Person: I'm so fucking bored that I cant think of this shit
Urban Dictionary: GET "I'm so fucking bored" ON A MUG
A statement made to oneself when all prospects of activity seem futile or nonsensical. See lackadaisical, suicidal
My man is out of town and I'm so fucking bored.
by Juliatalie April 27, 2016
the state of not having and or doing something interesting. Poeple tend to be agrivated at at being in this state, hence the "fucking."
Its a friday night and all my freinds are busy. I'm so fucking bored.
by Sabrina Smiot October 24, 2010
When you've watched every video, read every book, every fanfiction, played every game that has sparked your interest even slightly - to a point that you've considered TALKING to your family. You've listen to all your song playlists, tried conversing with friends but nothing is working - nothing is bringing you out of this state.
"Fuck dude, I'm so fucking bored! I've got literally nothing else I can do right now and it's so damn frustrating!"
by Jay-Is-Incredibly-Bored February 15, 2022