A list of subjects (mostly people) allowed to join something or do something. This term is widely used in IT.
Now some bitch ass activists consider it racist so it's gonna be replaced with allowlist (what a bullshit) on some places (new Linux kernel for example)
Sorry, you are not on the whitelist for this party.
by imasudoer September 11, 2020
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Things which are allowed.
My friend: Can I use a pen?
Me: Yes, because using a pen is whitelisted.
by Legend_Is_Not_SUS July 30, 2022
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Getting early access to NFT projects, allowing special minting privilages. #WGMI
I just got Whitelisted for a Wankaverse Golden Ticket NFT, unlike that DEGEN Charlie.
by WallyWanka January 30, 2022
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A list of people that are cool, trustworthy, and invited to all the parties; the opposite of blacklist.
Matt can surf, is good with the ladies, and drives a motorcycle. He is funny and I like him. Put him on the whitelist for the next party.
by crackerjackson March 10, 2008
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Term in the IT world granting you access to the services you desire.
You have been whitelisted for our services.
by ChrissysMom May 3, 2018
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The presumption that you are being unfairly held back and discriminated against because of your ethnic origin.
This phenomenon frequently occurs when one puts a check next to the box marked Caucasian (not of Hispanic origin).
Jonathon: "I can not believe they gave the promotion to that ethnic guy over me."
Tyrone: "Man, you be blacklisted."
Jonathon: "No Tyrone, I've been whitelisted."
Tyrone: "Pump yo brakes for a sec cracker, they be callin' me on ma bluetoof."
Jonathon: "You're a true friend Tyrone."
Tyrone: "Man, fuck you."
by brybry July 17, 2008
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To pretend that you never fucked that person... it never happened, not on record.
"Didn't you have that crazy, sex-filled weekend with Kingsley?"

"Oh no, I am whitelisting that shit. We will never speak of it again."
by GiraffesSeries October 11, 2017
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