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In the workplace, the peculiar condition that turns a friendly, kind white woman co-worker into a raging bitch as soon as she becomes the boss. White woman syndrome is the result of a woman's internal gender need to prove to everybody that despite being female, she's just as competent and effective as her male counterparts. A boss affected with white woman syndrome fulfills this gender need not by actually managing well and performing good work, but rather by micromanaging, insulting, and being condescending to her employees.

This condition does not seem to affect any other race/gender combination, just white females.
My co-worker Ashlie was so sweet, but as soon as she got promoted, her white woman syndrome kicked in. Now she yells at me for being 5 minutes late to work.

My boss has white woman syndrome. She questioned my competence at 8 a.m. this morning for not immediately proofreading a letter I got at 10 p.m. last night.

She was so nice during the interview, but my boss must have had white woman syndrome because now she treats me like I'm 8 years old.
by tortured employee November 06, 2010
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