When you're white enough to enjoy the socio-economic benefits, but you're actually mixed so you can criticize white people without seeming self-loathing.
Darren: "Man, white people suck."
Chris: "Dude, you're white."
Darren: "I'm actually half Mexican, so I can say that. That's my off-white privilege."
by Playilan July 05, 2020
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They want us to believe in the amendments and that, “All men are created equal”. In reality we’re not. Especially BLACK MEN in America they’ll have it hard the rest of their lives. It’s sad that they have to have a whole conversation about how to listen to police and what NOT to do.
White privileges:

-James bumps Damien-
James: watch where your going

Damien: you bumped me?!
James: what was that..?
Damien: you bumped me!

-teacher walks up-
Teacher: what’s going on here boys
James: he pushed me ma’am

Damien: are you serious right now..?!
Teacher: my class NOW?!
-James walks away a free man-
-Damien get suspended for two days-
by IfTheShoeFitsWearIt January 06, 2021
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Something that is real, but is commonly used as an ad hominem by SJW's in a pejorative context to disparage white people and make them feel guilty of their own existence or guilt trip them into believing their sick minded ideologies.
SJW: sees a white person* "Well that's just white privilege."
by PlatinumDoge July 02, 2021
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When your white co-worker says that they don't like Donald Trump because before his term of office they never had to think about politics.
My white privilege allows me to focus on the fun things in life like riding jet skis, listening to ACDC, and eating at Outback instead of worrying about being unfairly treated or killed by law enforcement.
by Don't Thread on Me January 13, 2021
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Someone who occupies a place of privilege, but are resentfully unaware of it.
It’s no surprise that those White Privilegers who stormed the Capitol Building were nowhere to be found when it was time to clean up the mess.
by JimBen January 22, 2021
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