White Male Privilege

A term that "certain" ignorant and thin-skinned white dudes get butthurt over because they don't have even the slightest understanding of the difficulties that racial minorities, women, and LGBT folks face on a regular basis in society. They also have no understanding of the inherent advantages that white heterosexual males have in western countries, so they whine about being "persecuted" when people use the term "white male privilege". In actuality, these particular folks have no comprehension of what real persecution is.
BUTTHURT MEN'S RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Brie Larson is a misandrist because she used the term "white male privilege" in an interview for Captain Marvel! I'm gonna post a 30-minute YouTube video of me whining about it!
ME: ...........Dude. You need to get a girlfriend or a hobby.
by Alt-Right Dudes Are Closet Que February 26, 2020
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