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The act of bleaching your ass hole in preparation for weird butt stuff. Primarily done by porn stars and the wealthy elite.
"Nothing makes me feel more rich and white than white walling my ass hole." "I hope that bitch is white walled for the weird butt stuff."
by The Man The Myth March 15, 2015
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when you accidentally buy new tires on sale and don't realize they have a whitewall around them. Being ignorant of this fact, the tire store turns them so they face the inside and go undetected.
"Oh, they whitewalled you. I told you not to go without me," my boyfriend shouted as he pointed to my tires in horror.
by Marija July 26, 2005
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(verb) past tense describing skeeting all over a woman.
"how was suzanne last night?"
"man i white walled that ho and got the fuck out."
by geterdonetypeaguy September 24, 2004
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