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The act of fooling a woman into believing she is going to receive a facial by instead spitting into her mouth, cumming in your hand, and slapping her (while shouting "WHITE LIGHTENING") across the face causing cum to shoot everywhere.

*this is only possible if the woman is on her knees, mouth open, and eyes closed. which should be natural for a woman when told she is getting a facial of cum.
Have sex in any position, or oral sex just as usual. Before cumshot, tell her its time baby. She will naturally open mouth and close eyes. Spit in her mouth, cum in hand, yell white lightening while gaining momentum with your hand, and slap her across the face. This is to only be done to the same woman one time. She is never going to talk to you after this.
by Mitino January 09, 2009
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Phenomenon which occurs when a person has been walked in on while masturbating and fleas the scene quickly...leaving only a streak of light referred to as white lightening. Unlike regular lightening, it can strike in the same place more than once.
Person A:Was that just white lightening i saw???!!!!!????
Person B: Judging by trail of that sticky substance i should say so.
by Anonymous February 07, 2003
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The quickest way for an Arkansas boy to get his ass kicked!
ex. Aaron and James kept mouthing off, so they got beat down faster than White Lightening!
by White Lightening June 02, 2005
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