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Upper middle class people who are normally very classy but find themselves surrounded by idiots in a public setting (Movie theater, DMV, Mall, etc.) and the unfortunate White Trash side of them comes out.

The White Class person will typically be from the New York area and will usually be a Guido, but can be spotted all across the United States.

If provoked long enough a typical "White Class" person will attack a persons intelligence, choice in clothing, significant other, and over all stupidity. Usually results in shouting, insulting, and sometimes the exchanging of fists.
White Class Guy: (bites tongue but thinks) Oh c'mon! This fuckin' broad is takin' twenty minutes to decide what fuckin' movie she wants to see!

White Class Guy: (Says loudly) Hurry the fuck up! Ya buyin' a fuckin' house or a god damn movie ticket ya filthy rat bastard?!

White Trash woman: Excuse me!?
by zachary_MIDWEST November 03, 2009
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