the act of Cumming on your girl friends face and rubbing it around giving her a light glaze of semen
by Kali M November 1, 2017
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Its when you take your partner tip them in butter, roll them in flour and then have sex with them while eatting it.
Yo man i hear the ho got a nasty white carpet in the janitors closet
by Rasheedpoopynose November 7, 2010
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A sexual act wherein one partner lays down a series of towels leading from the bathroom to the bedroom in order to allow the other to make the jouney between the two respective rooms without their feet touching the icky ground.

It is often performed by foot fetishists to ensure clean and fresh feet.
"I totes licked my girlfriends feet out last night, shit was hot as fuck bruh" -bro 1

"Ew bruh! Weren't they all gross and disgusting due to the many germs and bacteria found on the average household floor?" -bro 2

"Nah bruh, I gave her the white carpet treatment. Her feet were as fresh and clean as neatly cut grass!" -bro 1
by Doobel December 1, 2016
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An excessive ammount of tissues used to masturbate.
Boy 1 : What are your plans for t'night.
Boy 2 : Im rolling out the white carpet fam.
by GodsFailedPlan June 15, 2018
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That special "V.I.P." respect/honoring that you receive while strolling the beach with handfuls of tasty edibles, and have "accumulated" a whole undulating "ground-cover" of nibblets-seeking seagulls padding along behind you, watching for you to toss a morsel in their direction.
I always love getting the white-carpet treatment when I visit the seashore; I especially get a kick out of how each of the individual seagulls actually seems to be able to "distinguish" your gaze --- i.e., apparently each bird can actually discern if you are looking directly at him to indicate that he's been "chosen" to be fed next --- and so even a gull from the middle or back of the "carpet" of feather-brains will obligingly stretch out his beak and "open up wide", even before you toss the tidbit to him.
by QuacksO January 25, 2019
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Rolling out the white carpet is the act of covering a toilet seat in toilet tissue to prevent contact between the buttocks and the seat. Often a done thing in dirty / public toilets.

Four separate strips of paper are torn from the roll and placed on the seat to form a square shape covering the entirety of the seat.
Dude i ended up rolling out the white carpet, fuck catching the clap from some hobo
by Mr. Snake_187 November 19, 2015
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