What naughty girls are punished with.
She moaned with orgasmic glee when I slapped her ass with my whip.
by urban pervert March 26, 2003
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A whip is a maneuver performed on a motocross cycle, usually during supercross or motocross racing, in which the rider brings the rear of the motorcycle abruptly around to either side. This is performed while the machine is airborne off a jump. In very extreme whips, the rear of the motorcycle will end up perpendicular to the direction of travel, in addition to the motorcycle being laid flat. The purpose of the whip is primarily threefold: To show off, to alter the trajectory of the bike in flight, and to scrub speed over jumps. Some riders would say that whipping helps them maintain rhythm on the track.
Did you see that crazy whip that Bubba just threw down!? Sick!
by pirate pace June 27, 2006
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A very, popular hip hop dance. It involves bending your knees, leaning to the side, slightly bopping up and down, and throwing your fist out.
This my song right here! I'm about to hit the whip!
by realest tho. June 28, 2015
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an urban slang term used predominately to refer to cooking dope(ie. cooking coke to crack). however it can be used in not such illegal fashions when refering to anything that someone does well such as a chef preparing a good meal.
by D. Martin September 24, 2007
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A car that someone thinks will get them laid…… but wont lol. This word was coined by people with so much money (a.k.a. drug dealers, mindless celebrities, rappers, ect. ect.) that it causes there brain to become pickled and thus come up with totally ignorant words and phrases to describe the simplest of things. They also have to there credit such words as: baller, balling, “my A game”, player, 24-7, sick, dubs, benjamins, 20” blades, fo shizzle, the entire concept of “spinners”, bling, and ice. To be totally honest it sickens me that people who do nothing to further there community or make the world a better place are rewarded in such large ways.
Scumbag 1 - "Yo Yo Yo man you wanna go ball in my sick whip."

Scumbag 2 - "Fo shizzle my brotha when did you get spinners on that whip."

Scumbag 1 - "Last week man I had to rob like 8 old ladies before I could come up with the benjamins."
by Live the lie May 27, 2005
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Currently the most overly used word to describe ones car regardless of the cars make or model. It's most commonly used in "Ricer" rags or on MTV Cribs by soon-to-be bankrupt rappers that no one besides MTV has heard of. Not to be confused with "Rides" which is another trendy word for cars, which makes more sense, but still should not be used by anyone with an IQ higher than 20.
Future Chapter-7 rapper-Now that you have seen the inside of my crib, lets go take a look at my whips, that are 60 days past due payment and on the verge of repossession.
by Ih8u September 12, 2007
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