A sex toy often used to 'punish' a women during sex for pleasure.
"Oh I've been a bad girl harder, harder." Julia said as I whipped her red ass.
by Anonymous_Girl January 26, 2009
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Instrument of oppression used by the whites in the age of slavery to punish uncompliant slaves.
I'll put a whip to that belligerent jungle bunny he don't fetch my pooper stick!
by Bransen August 11, 2006
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A whip is also a move on mountain biking/freestyle moto-x
It is when the rear wheel of the bike is thrown out to one side when the front wheel stays the same
Wow gnarly whip!

You landed that whip a bit sketchy
by leeway January 15, 2006
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A really obscure term for an automobile that supposedly originated from rap music. It is so obscure that most people are confused when it is used in common speech. Use of this term is highly discouraged.
Person 1: Yo dawg, peep da new whip. Ain't it bling bling? Ain't I fresh and def?
Person 2: No.
Person 3: What?
Person 4: Go away.
by Easy-N August 15, 2004
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A couple of meanings:
n. A vehicle, of any kind, can refer to cars, boats, motorcycles, etc
v. To drive a car, usually referring to driving fast
adj. A positive way to refer to something, usually followed by "ass"

"You wanna drive my whip to the beach?"

"Nah, I'm gonna whip my whip down to my dock and hop on that whip ass boat whip I just got"

"Damm thats a whip ass TV"
by E.S.Deception January 02, 2009
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A car, A cool car, your car, my car his car.
by Tag" April 18, 2005
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