Same as what the hell but way more polite.

Me: What on earth is that sound?
by Matthew678 January 9, 2019
When something is so fucking unbelievable and out of this world you say this sacred phrase.
You shat in the urinal, pissed in the sink, dried your wet toilet paper under the hand dryer and then ran off and slapped an old woman?! What on gods earth!
by derulais April 6, 2019
Someone who finds out the truth about are planet, and then is never seen again
Gary:What, its all earth?
Steve:Always has been.
by Goose with a goose brain July 14, 2020
This line was from Kendrick lamar's new album, people thought it was something random, but it actually is based off a bible verse, 1 Timothy 6:7-"For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certaina we can carry nothing out."
"Its okay bro, what happens on earth, stays on earth."
by UGLYGOD_1 April 27, 2017
Something you say when you want to sound wise & cool but Really has no meaning.

Originated from Kendrick Lamar's 2017 album entitled "DAMN." where he uses the phrase multiple times.
Person A: "Aww man I'm gonna be late for work."
Person B: "it's Okay man, what happens on earth stays on earth."
by CollegeRules101 April 18, 2017