4 definitions by derulais

When you want to spell apologise, but you fuck it up because you're not that smart.
I want you to agapologiss for shagging my wife, Carl.
by derulais June 24, 2018
When something is so fucking unbelievable and out of this world you say this sacred phrase.
You shat in the urinal, pissed in the sink, dried your wet toilet paper under the hand dryer and then ran off and slapped an old woman?! What on gods earth!
by derulais April 6, 2019
A common saying when saying goodbye to a friend. It is a play on the common phrase, 'See you in a bit'.
'Yeah safe bro I'll see you tomorrow.'
'Nice one mate, be you in a shit'.
by derulais April 6, 2019
Something you say to companies when you are looking for a job and wish to apply.
'Are you taking job applications?' He said, with his resume in his hands.
by derulais July 24, 2022