The same as what's really good without the good jus what's really
-whats really,not a damn thing what's really on your side of town.
by StrikeBurnna June 7, 2006
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Use to call out someone to pick a fight, usually after the person on the receiving end of this statement causes some transgression or perceivable disrespect. Examples of things that would cause someone to say this include someone bumping into you, laughing at you, giving you a dirty look etc.. The implication is that if you're going around disrespecting people, you must be 'hood'/tough or looking for a fight.

It originates from "What's good?" which at the time it was coined was like another way of saying hello. It evolved into a hostile inflection to suggest to someone that something they did caused offense. This then evolved into "What's REALLY good?!" which then was substituted for what's really hood, basically meaning "if there's a problem we can solve this like they do in the hood." Likely the etymology of this phrase has something to do with the phrase "what's poppin'?"

Use "what's really hood" with EXTREME CAUTION.
Person 2 steps on Person 1 sneakers by accident.

1. Yo, what's really hood muh nigga?

2. Nothing, it was a mistake!

1. You damn right it was! *pulls out a gun*

2. Calm down, that's uncalled for..

1. -person one is too high/doped up/coked up to use reason. He murders person 2 and later put in jail for 30 to life-
by Oh, we need handles now? June 10, 2008
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what happening, What's da deal, wassup.
Jason: " What's really good son?"
Sahr: Chillin my nigg. What's da deal?
by J.Gray October 8, 2003
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what the hell or what the fuck is your beef, bitch?!
Dina: what's really hood, bitch?!
Tessa: you whore!!!
Tessa percussions that ass like Sheila E
by acdegrees June 30, 2004
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An attempt to provoke a fight or intimidate someone
If you are at an event and someone attempts to get familar with your girl/man, you reaction would be " What's really hood?"

by AJM777 August 20, 2006
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