What you say when the bomb has been set up to you by someone. Usually follwed by "We get signal" and a turning on of the main screen.
by Lord Nym September 8, 2003
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lo que paso paso
what happens what happens
it is the definition of life and what life is. I mean like life is life, and what happens what happens.
1: yo I fucked up my test
2: don't worry what happens what happens
by The Real Lil Wayne December 5, 2008
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A catchphrase used to rub one's success in an enemies' nose.
Pitcher: "I should have known better than to throw him a fast ball right down the middle of the plate."

Batter: " That's what happens !"
by Carly Wild February 12, 2009
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An interrogative as to the events that have come to play, be it in the distant past, the recent past, or the present. This phrase may or may not use a question mark, but is an interrogative, regardless.

This phrase, popular among geeks, alludes to the poorly-translated Sega game Zero Wing; however, it is not always used for its pop culture value alone.
person: "Oh shit."
person2: "what happen"
person: "My term paper got deleted from my computer!"
person2: "Seriously? Oh, shit! Are you sure there isn't a back up somewhere?"
person: "Nope, not one back-up."
person2: "All your docs are belong to trash :("
by Sasori April 18, 2004
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Literally: "what happened?" Comes from some Japanese video game in a poor English translation. See also: all your base are belong to us, someone set up us the bomb, make your time, et al.
by Wot happin October 27, 2003
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smartass comment used when one slips up or makes a mistake, or rips ass, and gets called out on it.
Jake - rips ass
John - Dude that smells like sewage!
Jake "What happened?!"
by Phatban87 January 15, 2016
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