explination of dire circumstances; to really get your point across
Sharon:You hooked up with him?
Lani:See, what happened was...
by Sarah January 17, 2004
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explaining or retelling an event, often used for excuses and is considered to be quite Ghetto. it originates from high schools with very stupid, ignorant, pot smoking, tards that need to learn how to speak english and shut there big fat mouths.
bon qui qui: girl did you get me dat chicken?

Latoya: chicken?

bon qui qui: yeah

latoya: well what had happened was dat i got in dis fight with dis one bitch...

bon qui qui: sure don't pull that shit dumb ass i knew you was bangin Darrel.
by bon qui qui May 01, 2012
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Commonly used when trying to explain somethin that had resulted from wrong doing, or forgetfulness or somethin thats just really hard to explain or not wanting to be explained.
Parent: Y aint the dishes done?

Child: Well see what had happen was!(pause) 106 and park was on!


Husband: Y iz u late comin home?

wifey: ummm See what had happen was (pause) I got lost!
by BabyBunny08 October 18, 2008
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this word means whats up or can be used simply to ask what happen.
love: what had happened meme
MEME: nothin much
by kyle Love October 17, 2006
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a saying used as a filler when someone who had done rong is thinkin of an appropriate believable lie...

Comes home late from school

Mother- Y r u so damn late?
Son- See, what had happen was...
I had to stay afta school with a teacher to finish a test
by KraziiNatz April 16, 2009
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The podcast What Had Happened Was www.whhwpodcast where they are trying to explain the unexplainable!
What Had Happened was had a hell of an episode last week... i got it from iTunes!
by djspin January 22, 2014
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