The type of gamers, who usually spends shit tons of cash in the name of waifus, dream teams, or just simply to rush a 1 hour build that they can't afford all the time of their precious life to wait for it. Often happens in cash grab free-to-play games.

Usually used in the community of some free-to-play mobile games, such as Fate: Grand Order or Kantai Collection. Can also be used in some western games such as CS:GO, Star Wars Battlefront II, etc.
John Doe spent over 3000$ just to fully summon his waifu squad, he's literally a damn Whaler at this point.
by thatguywhoplayfgo June 6, 2018
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A man who goes for large and/or overweight women who generally have a massive top and bottom.
John is such a Whaler. He's dating that girl Katie who ate the plasma screen t.v.
by Mutumbo Boo (DADA) August 24, 2006
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A man who pursues the fatter of the female species.
-Did you see that whaler
-Yeah he's totally gonna harpoon that fatty
by GoBrewCrew April 15, 2008
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old school term to call a fish sandwich.
went through the mc'ds drive through and ordered 2 whalers and a large sprite.
by weeeeeewwwwwwww March 17, 2010
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A Japanese moron who kills innocent whales for money, and cries like a bunch of Spoil Brats and sore losers when the Sea Shepherds teach them a lesson.
Those whalers are so stupid, killing poor whales was the fun of it.
by Danny Duignan from Facebook October 14, 2009
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Boston based rock band, lead singer is rob gnarly.
Rob gnarly and the whalers are putting on a sold out show in front of the flipping Jenny boat by the waterfront you guys want to go?
by Solid Mantis August 6, 2016
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One who bangs a fat chick.
Damn... Alex is a real whaler, he harpooned that piece of blubber last week. He must have been really drunk!
by POOG! March 2, 2005
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