A male who is sexually attracted to overweight women. See also chubby chaser and fattractive.
Dan's beloved 280 pound, 5'4" girlfriend was quite literally living proof that he was a whale rider.
by Dan Wang November 08, 2003
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Word used to describe someone who sleeps with large women that are of whale proportions. The person will often take a huge disliking to this comment which is usually intended to offend the person.
Gav: "Hey Tommy, what about that fatty you slept with on the weekend, you whale rider!"
Tommy: "Hey Gav, how about you shut your mouth or i'll put my foot in it"
Crowd: "Ohhhh Tommy!"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
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a retarded drugged up moron with ape like features that sleeps with women which are trebble his size and twice as ugly because he is too repulsive and annoying to go for someone good looking.
adam is so sad and pethetic he boasts about being with butt ugly girls that he doesant even like, he has become a whale-rider.
by kev schmit February 29, 2008
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A man who gets drunk and loses all standards for women
I got way to fuckin drunk and hooked up with some fat ass bitches. Man i'm a whale rider
by poopyhairasswhole March 20, 2010
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mRS. bARRETS Husband who has to ride a whale every nite.
Now I know what Mr. Barret feels like.
by TakeADump November 06, 2003
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