Similar to wacky, except to emphasis "whack". (the sound you hear when something is struck with a long flat board), Meaning that something is stupid and should be struck with a long flat board or something else worthy of inflicting damage.
Apple is Whacky for denying the Google Voice App on iPhones.

Windows Mobile is still as Whacky as ever, when will HTC realize that the Touch Pro 2 should have used Android.

The NFL is Whacky for banning players from using Twitter during games.
by Korbendalis September 01, 2009
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A drink consisting of Vodka, Sprite, Mike's Hard Lemonade (strawberry) and Powerade. Causes an awesome euphoric lightheadedness that makes you wanna hump like a lion-monkey in Japan.
"Man i just had some whacky and now I wanna do that ginger. Don't know why."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
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Synonym to the adjective meaning of whack.
Your whacky made-up scared me!!
by boringhumor November 16, 2005
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a special form of a plant that takes you on a magic carpet ride. not cigarettes, morons.
Roll a j of dat whacky tobacky, retard.
by retarddisser October 14, 2003
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When the man unzips his khakis and whacks a girl in the face with his penis
Holy shit! Steve just gave Tammy a Khaki Whacki!
by ChiChiMuncher February 10, 2016
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To massage one's own balls and scrotum in a pugnacious manner.
I Hate Jenny, I wish I could beat the meat out of her. I'm just gonna go play Whacky Sack.
by Cow Poly February 03, 2006
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Street slang for marijuana. Also known as high-quality dosure and hippie lettuce.
Yeah, Nick and Tim just smoked the whacky tobaccy in the truck.
by Ebola February 22, 2003
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