Disambiguation: owning her wetness

When a man is trying to impress strangers on the internet because his wife doesn’t give him the validation he desperately seeks, he often resorts to telling women (especially on twitter) that he owns their wetness (plural) or owns her wetness (singular).

Owning her wetness is actually impossible. Nobody can own her wetness. Her wetness is not ownable. Only sad, lonely, married men ever unironically say that they own anyone’s wetness.

This condition dates back to 2018 and there is currently no known cure. Research into the early warning signs of saying dumb things like, “I own her wetness,” is ongoing.
Owning (her) wetness on the internet saved my marriage.

A gentleman always holds the door to let a lady go first THEN offers to own her wetness.

Own her wetness by blocking her then stalk all her tweets from your alt.

Woman on twitter:
Man on twitter: I own your wetness
Woman on twitter: ew, fuck off, dumbass

One small step for man, one giant leap for owning her wetness.

Indiana Jones and the Quest for Her Wetness.

Star Wars Episode V: Her Wetness Strikes Back.

Him: I want to own your wetness.
His wife: You do, honey.
Him: Not you.
by Mrs. Steve Buscemi October 31, 2019
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Referring to wet in basketball where instead of just one shot is wet the whole game is wet where everyones knocking shots down.
Basketball season is coming up, you better get ready for wetness.
by DeacWetness2011 November 17, 2011
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Nickname for a girl's vagina that gets extremely wet when turned on.
by LolaDemone April 3, 2008
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Dick cum and pussy cum mixed together to create a wonderful cum smoothie.
jennie and bob were about to get wet on wet.
by Fried chicken is cool May 12, 2015
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When a girl becomes extremely moist through arousal in which she stains the sheets.
Isabela's new nickname is wet wet.

"I juss gave her a nick name, it's wet-wet
Cause when we finished she mess up all the bedsets"
-Bust It Baby Pt.2 by Plies
by Cozzymotto Garcia May 15, 2008
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