When cum drips out of her pussy and down past her butthole, then she farts and blasts cum everywhere.
by saltyson February 14, 2022
The action of flicking a butt hole with tongue while whistling the tune of your choice
Fiona looked back at Chuck & smiled as she exclaimed, "Wow! Now I know what a wet whistle is & I absolutely love it!"
by Wrinklebob Jr May 30, 2017
Pouring a shot of tequila down an ass crack (using the crack as a funnel to shoot tequila down your throat i.e. tequila luge) while tongue punching the fart box.
How far did you get with Emily last night? Nothing but a Mexican wet whistle, did about 4 and called it a night...
by ZCV99 February 7, 2019
To consume a beverage of some sort.
Technically it should only be used in reference to drinking beer because of the history of the phrase:
Back in the middle ages when beer was sold in ceramic cups they would be fitted with a small whistle which could be blown upon finishing ones beverage in order to alert the bar staff that you require another beer. Therefore to get a beer would literally be "wetting ones whistle"
Martin - oh look, I finished my lovely pint of ale. Best wet my whistle with another Broadside or London Pride.
Alexi - Get me some chillie nuts or prawn cocktail crisps while your there, you slag.
by MBAP88 September 20, 2008
To consume a beverage of some sort to cleanse one's pallet.
water is a common choice or crunk juice.

Pronounced {whet-mi-wiss-el}
Brad: Oh boy, am I thirsty! I need something to Wet my whistle!

Carson: Want some water?

Brad: I sure do!
by Cselby January 26, 2007
def. 1 - when you have alcoholic drunk and you needed one. and you feel like your whistle is wet after.

def. 2 - buttering somebody up
ex. 1 def. 1 - you had the shakes all day until you went to the liquor store got home and wet your whistle

ex. 2 def. 2 - i knew you weren't going to give me the job until i wet your whistle
by thebigbear May 24, 2009
Basically, it means to do something you enjoy. Technically, it means you do something to moisturize your mouth, like drink something.
I'm going to drink a beer to wet my whistle.
I like that car, it really wets my whistle.
by DP2 September 1, 2006