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"tongue punching the fart box" -Another term for giving a "rim job"; or licking the anus of another person
tongue punching the fart box:

Dude you should've seen me "tongue punching the fart box" of this chick the other day. It was Dank. Until Modern Marvels came on, then we just watched that.

That's rad bro, I love Modern Marvels.
by shmegmanaut March 06, 2011
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Slur used against someone who uses their tongue to clean out the anal cavity of those in charge, just so they can gain power and responsibility. Can be secretly represented by going "blah! blah! blah!" while forcefully flicking out the tongue while the given person is near. Someone who really loves to kiss ass and suck ass as well.
Dude, that guy used to be so cool, but ever since he started toungue punching sergeants fart box he's a total fucking dickhead. He's fallen in love with tongue punching the fart box man..
by Pissed Off White Nuk June 24, 2014
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