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Wtf. If you hate Westlife so much, why post a thing on them? LOL. Get a life, seriously.

Anyway, they can't be that bad, if they've had 14 number ones, and have stayed around for 10 years. And obviously are going to stay around for much longer. You don't have to listen to them. And, some people go a bit too over the top, saying that they can't sing and are the worst Irish people ever. WTF? They are genuinely nice people, and it's good fame hasn't got to them. They are normal, down to earth people, so get the fuck over yourselves. And.. "they cant sing".. Wtf! They CAN sing. Have you even heard them live? It sounds like the actual CD! And before you say anything, NO they don't mime, because you can tell, when you go to see them live.

And, you need to get over the fact that they've got further in their lives, than you ever will! You just sit here on the internet posting about shit you hate.
Joe bad mann: Omg i hate westlife init. itz all bout 50 cent n eminem monn.. n soulja boyyyy ! DONT MESS!

Me: Haha. And we care, WHY? You don't have to listen to them. Go listen to your rap shit.
by Mong101 June 12, 2008

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The Queen is basically a person that thinks she is the best. She will do anything to get what she wants, and if she doesn't get it, then she will hate you. If you do or say something she doesn't like... RUN AWAY!
The Queen: (Walks into a room, that stinks of grease and chips) I am the Queen! What is that revolting smell!?

Random Person: It's your mum.

The Queen: Say goodbye to your fucking head, bitch. (Gets axe out)
by Mong101 June 12, 2008

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