L.A's most urban neighborhood. The gay mecca of the city or suburb. Let's just say lots of pretty men in Euro dreads.
Best gay scene and the Sunset strip is really trashy and fun!
by Tokyo to Paris November 6, 2003
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The act of having receptive anal intercourse with multiple partners in a short period of time. The lube from the first time is still present for the second and third, allowing them to slide in with ease. The Silverlake Slide is the same thing, but without the use of condoms.
Did you hear John pulled a West Hollywood slide? He hooked up with two guys after you left last night.
by WeHoMo June 17, 2010
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When your pants are too loose to stay up so you give yourself a wedgie so you can hold your pants up betwixt your clenched buttocks
1. Wow check out that guys stylish West Hollywood Belt

2. I wish I could slide my hand into that West Hollywood Belt
3. I forgot these pants were too big for me so I had to pull off an impromptu West Hollywood Belt
by Capital Gainz July 3, 2013
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When a faggot pushes his balls inside his own asshole. Gives the appearance of a muddy mudflap upon removal. Often shortened to WeHo Mudflap.
John: Chris always tucks his balls in his

asshole before he goes out cruising.
Jeff: yeah, he loves the West Hollywood Mudflap.
by thereallegend February 24, 2014
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