A bitch, Karen type of person. A man is going to take over her show. The man is James Corden he is the highest ranking lesbian that the producers of the ellen show could have.
Weren't you on the Ellen Degeneres show? Yeah, Ellen said the tickets were free we actually had to pay almost 1,000 dollars. I paid to also be on one of her games and i "won" 1,000 more dollars but instead, i had to pay more money.
by dote white girl September 25, 2020
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The best comidian ever. Wonderful, amazing and heart filling. Some people have a problem with her being gay, but who cares? It doesnt affect anything and why do you care? It's not your life!! She is married to Portia De Rossi and has her own tv show.
Ellen Degeneres is awesome!!
by Ellen_lover_forever January 14, 2015
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The One and only Funniest person in AMERICA.
Some people, like myself, would KILL for her.
Some people, like myself, would kisss her feet and take a bullet for her.
she is an amazing comedian.
I would drink Ellen Degeneres's bathwater with a crazy straw.
by Potohungry August 19, 2007
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Septic oonch fancier with acute princess syndrome who purports to be a comedienne and chat show hostess. Unknown outside of the United States, her interviewing technique appears to centre on asking her guest personal questions, accusing them of lying and ridiculing their answers. Americans appear to find that entertaining, on social media it’s known as trolling, not funny, not pleasant. Her attempts to break into British television have resulted in annoyance and advert irritation to their viewing public. This is not too surprising as a previous attempt to move into the UK market was decidedly unsuccessful but it appears that she can’t take the hint.
Ellen Degeneres, a female Malcolm
by AKACroatalin October 5, 2016
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To rapidly shrink and fade into a sad puddle of dissapointment.
So I was having fun with my new chromosome right? But then I Ellen Degenerated into a fuckin Potato. Imagine that.
by Darklyre October 26, 2018
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Degenerate - an immoral or corrupt person.

Ellen DeGeneres : famous talk show host

Ellen Degenerate - Basically being a trash bag and giving zero fucks about it.
1 - "I got so wasted last night that I grabbed a wet mop and swung it around and got kicked out of the bar, I was an Ellen Degenerate"
by frownutil1 August 28, 2017
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