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I don't even like doing these things, but someone has to step up, you grow up in West Chester doing anything any normal elementary schooler does, when you get to middle school, if you're cool, you rolin up to ice line, all the middle school hotties get down there, if not, maybe some movies or bowling, if your really pimp, your chillen with a couple girls, hoping to maybe get a "french kiss" or if your lucky, touch a boob. if your a loser, your still at home with popcorn and soda, enjoying T.J.I.F. High School, you get there, freshman year is usually when kids start getting hooked on pot, the kids with older siblings get that reefer itch quicker, while the rest are still skeptical, but catch up usually by the end of sophomore year. You take your first G-bong, and of course you're paralyzed, but you love it. Yea you drink your freshman year, but it's harder than getting pot, cause older kids don't wanna be havin there runners make beer runs for freshman, but they'll get you pot because they know your still young and dumb enough to pay mad loot for nugs. Sophomore to junior year starts becoming more fun. You stop going to the beach with your family and start going more with friends, you soon discover your new best friend, Natty to those who rein in West Chester (especially the Alcoholics) or if you prefer Natural Ice/Light and you stop mixing all sorts of different liquors that shouldn't have been mixing that you've been stealing from your parents. you still love g-bongs though. g-bongs are an accessory of West Chester. And if your a fag, (you know who you are) you still go to wendy's to hang out, and if you're one of the bad ones, you call it the "Wendy's Crew." Senior year, You're doin in right, your cursing the high school your at, "can't wait to get the fuck out of West Chester." if you're an Alcoholic, you're getting drunk before school at this point, and your entire school week (4 days at most cause your skipping at least one of those, usually Wednesday to break your week up nicely). You're drinking it up with your friends on Tuesday nights playing Texas Hold 'em, and when your in school, your obviously not thinking about school, just that weekend, when you can't wait to go to your friends pimped out house, where you party in his seemingly made-for-party basement, but don't forget, basement door entry is key. And G-bongs have now advanced into creamies, collosals, milkies, your preference of word choice, but you all know what i'm saying. You graduate, excited as shit to get out of West Chester, get wasted and go to the beach all summer long. You go to college and realize that no mother fuckers party like we party in West Chester. You can't decide if you really miss West Chester, or if its just the people in the town that make it what it is, but either way you miss it. Early college years you either got a fake or someone's brother is a bouncer at Kildairs and hooks it up. Later college, you can legitimately get in to bars, but you still dont go that much because your still a broke college kid none the less. Thats West Chester. Yea, Jackass originated here, the Dunn's are cool as shit, everyone loves Raab, but guess what... 90% of us, can't fuckin stand Bam! Yea I said it. That is West Chester. Oh yea, and by the way, only Deuschebags call it Dub-C. take pride in your, my, our fuckin town. West Chester, where that Natty always flows
party west chester drinking smoking pot weed beer natty
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for those who live in the actual town.

west chester is home to jackass, viva la bam and fairmans. A place where you can be frequently spotted holding a fennario's coffe cup or having brunch at penn's table. You go to the exton mall in your resonably priced car and shop whereever the clothes that fit you. One of your family members has probably lived in west chester their whole life, and graduated from henderson or east. Your not afraid to hang out in wendy's parking lots or get drunk on naty in the basement.
by amy March 17, 2005
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a place where you understand why people around there create shows like "jackass"
"i'm bored...let's go to w.c. and try to get on jackass..."
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one of the top 50 wealthiest counties in the NE. a suburb south of philadelphia. home of mtv's jackass & viva la bam & longwood gardens. you'll fit right in with a SUV, membership at the dupont country club, & a lacoste polo (collar popped). the only place where girls will drive an hour to the king of prussia mall just to pick up the latest coach bag or to hit the abercrombie. weekends consist of clubbing in philly, getting wasted on daddy's grey goose in a lavish basement (hot tub, open bar, & theater), or driving to a beach house on the delaware shore.the girls are hot. don't come with less than a 3car garage wit a escalade in it and some titanium gold clubs, your parents probably work for dupont & you'll probably end up in a frat or sorostitute at penn state main, jmu, gwu, uva, or nyu. rock the burberry plaid and trick daddy cuz thats how we roll
"wessst chessster is the bessst chessster" - the drunk girl's call
"we're not cocky, we're just better than you!"
"chester born and raised"
"i'm rich bitch"
by lee November 01, 2004
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its time to take a stand for those of us who dont know what burberry is. for those of us who drink jacquins and crown russe and not grey goose (bankers and natty too). for those of us who dont pop the collars of our lacoste polos (what the hell is that? ) this is for those of us who have never been to the king of prussia mall. the chesterians who rove around in ford tauruses, not rovers. this is to point out that there is no proof that girls are any hotter in west chester than anywhere else (though paisley begs to differ). no comment on whether girls drive an hour to king of prussia to get coach bags, as i am not a girl. also, i dont know if any of them will join sorostitutes, sororities maybe. chester county not born but raised and i swear that we are not like that.
its time to take back west chester.
andrews taking a stand against flamers who try to say what west chester is, but only go to college here and aint born n raised - nah mean pussies?
by alf January 30, 2005
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Aka Dub C. The majority of the teenage population spends most of their time smacking ass, getting high, or consuming Bankers Club. If all else fails, time can always be spent hating Michael. Oh fo ril?
Yo man, you wanna get high man?
Not now, not while i'm hating Michael.
by Get off Me January 07, 2005
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