1) the vile smelly mixture of water, yeast, cum, and whatever else that has been inserted in or living in the vagina that comes out after squirting water in a dirty, usually old, vagina or "duesching." The water is inserted from a bag and subsequently collected in the baag.

2) A guy who thinks he is cool but in reality is the equivalent of a bag of duesch.

3) George Bush
Johnny is such a duesch bag.
by irishprick October 16, 2005
A bag in which certain individuals keep their feces when they are not able to use the restroom.
Hold on, I think my duesch bag is full.
by Giggles November 11, 2003
D.B.I. for short, a complete dumbass who only says and does things that totally piss you off and ruin your day. Every group of friends has at least one of these, yet somehow he or she remains part of the group, mostly becuase he or she is fun to laugh AT, not with.
Why did you bring patrick to the party? All he ever does is say dumbass shit all day! He is a complete duesch bag idiot!!
by matt square patchett March 5, 2008