V. To successfully hit on somebody through texting, AIM, Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

N. Successful flirtation done through social media.
This chick loves me, I been putting in mad werk!

I werked her on twitter last week, she's coming over tonight.
by BScotty2Hottie February 22, 2011
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1) Verb: the act of jerking off at work, used in a sentence where you pretend to have been really working.

2) Noun: the action of werking

Can also be used if the work implies jerking a lot, for example porn acting.
1) Jason has been werking off all day! There aren't any kitchen towels left and the article will probably be out tonight!

2) Rocco Siffredi's career demanded a hell of a lot of werk to get to where he is now.
by Adam Nonymous October 07, 2011
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what people with real jobs do about 60% of the day;what people with jobs but without a high school diploma do;what someone does when they can't define their occupation.
Usually accompanied with a movement by the first 2 fingers of each hand to show quotation marks

Bob, what are you doing?
Don't bother me, I'm "werking"
by bean February 10, 2003
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what people do when they don't want to work
I work hard during the week but I werk of Fridays.
by dawg February 11, 2003
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to get done or to "get er done" the art of doing something other then traditional work. also used in past tense even it it is the present
We went out and got werked last night. Did she have werk done. I feel like i just got werked. or just shout out "werked" when you see somebody getting worked over
by KL OUD April 10, 2008
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