To do something to an exceedingly excellent capacity. Most notably used in reference to dancing, modeling, sexual prowess and/or other physical performance that requires a large amount of fiery attitude, vitality and vigor.

A term derived from the words "work" and "twerk" but now used exclusively in the above areas.
"Bitch, you better werk!"

"Boy, go on with ya bad self. Werk it out!"

"I'm about to go in this class and put in werk on this routine."
by Pervie Priestess 69 December 26, 2009
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A congratulatory exclamation of approval
Ra! Them trainers are bangin! Werk !

Oi bredrin! I heard you sprat them 2 chicks last night! Werk.
by Whateverwillb December 16, 2008
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A congratulatory declaration of support, praise or approval, for an outstanding achievement in any area of life. Probably for original, sensational or courageous accomplishments in the fields of art, fashion, music, sport and friendship.
Them trainers are bangin werk!
That drawing is werk, its real art!
Werk, that concert!
You werk mate, you never fail and always werk my back.
by Jezburn June 22, 2009
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Werk is a Afrikaans and Dutch word for 'work'
Person 1: goeie môre meneer sal jy jou werk toe gaan ( bad Afrikaans translation for 'Good morning sir will you be going to work?')

Person 2: ga je vandaag werken (Dutch translation for 'will you be going to work today'
by Freak_gotstyle135 September 15, 2018
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V. To successfully hit on somebody through texting, AIM, Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

N. Successful flirtation done through social media.
This chick loves me, I been putting in mad werk!

I werked her on twitter last week, she's coming over tonight.
by BScotty2Hottie February 22, 2011
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1) Verb: the act of jerking off at work, used in a sentence where you pretend to have been really working.

2) Noun: the action of werking

Can also be used if the work implies jerking a lot, for example porn acting.
1) Jason has been werking off all day! There aren't any kitchen towels left and the article will probably be out tonight!

2) Rocco Siffredi's career demanded a hell of a lot of werk to get to where he is now.
by Adam Nonymous October 7, 2011
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Werk - Used when an accomplishment has been met.
"Nurse Cracker got 20 PLUS 1's for the Mayan Party....WERK!
by RichNoHo April 23, 2005
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