5 definitions by KL OUD

Chenowrth chenowerked chenowerkeditted chenoripittit
A noun verb adjective pronoun adverb all in one. It is everyting and nothing at all all at the same time.
It is better then chenoworth. Did you see the chenoworths on her? How is your net chenoworth? He is a dumb ass chenoworth as they come. Who left that smelly chenoworth in here? It is better to have loved and lost then to never have chenoworthed at all. Pass me that large chenowerk so i can get chenowerked.
by KL OUD April 11, 2008
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a dumbass punk who sounds like a broken record & who puts a pool table in his living room but never sees his kid.
That retoddler is a butt headed punk who averages a half gallon.
by KL OUD April 11, 2008
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unit of liquid used to measure time by stone cold alcoholics. the unit is vodka / whiskey / capt morgan
I will see you in half a half gallon. I'll be back in two half gallons. He is averaging 3 half gallons aday.
more fun then saying a half hour, and more exact if you know the drunk and his speed of consumption.
by KL OUD April 11, 2008
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to get done or to "get er done" the art of doing something other then traditional work. also used in past tense even it it is the present
We went out and got werked last night. Did she have werk done. I feel like i just got werked. or just shout out "werked" when you see somebody getting worked over
by KL OUD April 11, 2008
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to go or be gone asap post haste
Lets whent this place. It is time we whent. Lets whent so we can git werked. We need to whent it out a here.
by KL OUD April 11, 2008
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