bick dick boy, will fuck any girl and is every girls dream crush
holy shit wen is hot asf i wanna suck his dick
by aiden tiktok maker June 14, 2020
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a wen/wenny is a girl from the school wenona who is acting as she stereotypically would. she is trying hard, acting like a grom and thinking she is top shit. wens are super annoying.
oh my god you’re acting like such a wen.

stop being a wenny!
by phannysthiffer April 12, 2019
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A homosexual person Who says the word Tabler incorrectly continuously.
Wens are planning to boop you, stay away!
by DurryMate April 10, 2019
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a total haxored nub that gets pwned in every class!
wen is a total unelite nub!
by tm January 13, 2005
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a 'tard
a retard
someone from a mental hospital.

Originated in Hungry Jacks @ Hornsby in SYDNEY where we would get quite a few patients from the mental hospital. One day one of the crew was trying to point a particular patient out to the rest of us and she was going to say "when" when he came in. It grew from there.

Also know as a Hornsby Grinner, 'cos they are always smiling.
when someone does something stupid "You're such a wen"
by happy bunny July 24, 2006
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