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a person who consistently elevates expectations regarding a project, plan, episode, or potential accomplishment, only to kill the outcome in the end. Can also be applied to the experience itself.
Guy 1: Every time Erica gets me hyped for making the trip she bails at the last second.
Guy 2: Yeah man, that chick is a total dream-crush

Guy 1: Dude, I had been playing Galaga for 7 hours and got to the last level when I sneezed and died on my last life.
Guy 2: Total fucking dream crush!
by malice33 January 17, 2011
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when you have a dream, usually involving someone you know, and something maybe a little romantic goes on, and you develop a confused crush for them (like a "maybe i had this dream because i like them" crush). probably most common with pre-teen girls.
A: dude!!! i had this dream where i kissed ___ and i don't know if i like her now or not!!
B: oh, dudeski, that's totally a dream crush. i get those almost nightly.
by royaume August 13, 2016
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