A slang word originated from DC that means telling a lie.
VA (757 area) : "wellin" came from Southern VA.
Me (DC Native): Stop wellin!
by Sunny Tsunami May 24, 2019
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An old Hampton Roads tide water slang (VA) started in the Newport News, Norfolk, Chesapeake area never been a dc slang.
dc: Wellin is a dc slang we're trend setters

VA: Niqqa yall stay Wellin. All yall do is stay biting off other city's lingo and style
by Jaden Browner October 01, 2019
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Lying or saying something that’s not true

A word that is mostly popularized in the DMV
Daniel:Aye moe me and the gang finna go to a party.

Josh: you wellin you know damn well yo muva finna beat yo ass if you not home past 8

Stop wellin
by Dinodude67 November 17, 2020
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A slang word from the south (Virginia) that means telling a lie, a big lie.
'i'm mixed with Indian .. YOU WELLIN'
by Renisha November 29, 2004
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It means "your joking!" or "your kidding!". Suggesting that whatever the person said was unrealistic or just stupid.
Trey: I bet I could get a date with Beyoncé.
Mick: You wellin my nigga!

Kevin: Imma blow the school up.
Daiquawn: You wellin bruh!
by chacha_JOYask February 08, 2014
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a word used in the dmv (Dc , Maryland , Virginia) which means lying or capping
Person 1 - Yo i banged Ty’s bitch last night and it was crazy

Person 2 - Ay Moe stop wellin ty gon beat yo ass foo
by dmv_jiggy May 18, 2020
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