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Plural for squally, meaning hoes or thotties. Not looking to be in a real relationship, just planning on fucking around with any guy that has a big dick. It's funny because squallies sounds like squirrels and squirrels eat nuts just like hoes waab !
You can't trust those squallies man.
I'm tired of squallies trying to get with me like fuck off.
These squallies be sucking dick for their daily meals, smh.
by chacha_JOYask January 08, 2014
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Bri: I'm your bestfriend right?
Shay: Thought you was.

Noel: Hey imma get that last cookie yall....
Jade: *snatches cookie first* thought you was.

Mickey: Ayyy my nigga! Imma stop by your house today.
Qua: Hahaha thought you was!
by chacha_JOYask February 09, 2014
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It means "your joking!" or "your kidding!". Suggesting that whatever the person said was unrealistic or just stupid.
Trey: I bet I could get a date with Beyoncé.
Mick: You wellin my nigga!

Kevin: Imma blow the school up.
Daiquawn: You wellin bruh!
by chacha_JOYask February 08, 2014
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