Advice/taunt toward a basketball player who consistently gets outrebounded.
*Player A grabs his 20th offensive rebound over Player B
Fans and opposing players (toward player B): Weight room!
by silkyshyster August 13, 2008
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The Temple. The Meccah of Self Improvement and exaltation to near divinity. The place where all young men (or women) come to make glorious gains. A place of unmatched potential and grace. Hard work is key in the the Weight Room.
Man Im feelin' so stressed....I'm gonna go hit the Weight Room.
by Master Panda36 March 11, 2014
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The office of a typically stupid manager or director. Referred to as the weight room because of the laborious nature of communicating with your moronic, irrational and unreasonable superior. When the meeting is particularly harsh, said meeting is known as maxing out. A quick meeting with only mild psychological damage is referred to as light reps.
To Coworker: Dude, where are you off to?
Reply: To the weight room.
To Coworker: Oh shit, no way! Are you maxing out?
Reply: Nah, hopefully just some light reps.
by CMEN CMEN March 23, 2006
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(noun) Another name for a bathroom; the shitter. *see lose weight
We'll talk after...I've got to get to the weight room first.

Coffee always sends me to the weight room; it's part of my morning routine.

Do you know where the weight room is? I need to lose some weight.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 22, 2008
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A person who feels the need to guide all of the other patrons of the gym in the proper technique or regimen stuck in their insipid heads because they read it somewhere. A boorish retard that plagues every work out space.
Steve looked up from his set, a tool was standing next to him trying to engage conversation, but he ignored him and continued to work, the tool didn't take the hint and continued to stand there, waiting for an opportunity to vomit forth his "knowledge". "I wish this weight room sherpa would take the hint" Steve thought to himself.
by Madman With A Cause July 27, 2016
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a phrase you say to someone after you have outplayed them physically in some sport activity. it implies that the other person is weak, and needs to bulk up or toughen up
Playing Football,,,John hits Billy really hard, Billy falls over

John- "Damn son, get in the weight room!!!"
by adad2232 April 6, 2010
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man/woman at the gym who always seems to be lifting, working out, etc. While in front of a mirror admiring themselves. At times grunting, and doing other things to draw attention to themself and their "ripped physique"
Often wearing sleeveless shirt or tight clothing.
Guy 1 : ARGH!!! I'm gettin a serious pump curling these 75s mike, my biceps feel totally destroyed. Can you tell? Let's go by that group of women near the mirror and we can all watch me kill my biceps some more.

Guy 2:Lewis are you fucking douche? Fucking weight room tool
by str8dipped June 29, 2010
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