"Why you gotta be weezin all my shit son?"
by Joe January 5, 2004
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Me and you. ‘We is/are’.
by Felicia says December 16, 2018
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The word my mother used to describe the vagina when I was a young girl. This led to major confusion when a friend tried to explain her asthma to me.
"This puffer helps with my weeze."

"...Why does it need help?"

Thanks, Mum.
by Ice Maiden May 15, 2005
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The act of dismissing or hating on something e.g. a film, song, video game, book, or slang term (usually popular and mainstream) despite not having tried it, having no knowledge on it, or having any prior experience with it whatsoever. usually for the purpose of being a hipster or troll.
Guy: "Hey, wanna go see the new Star Wars?"

Hipster: "UGH, not more Star Wars. I'm sick of that overrated piece of trash"

Guy: "Have you seen any Star Wars movies?"

Hipster: " GOD NO! Like I would waste my time watching that overrated boring cheesy garbage! I am WAY above it."

Guy: "Dude stop Weezing!"
by JustThatGuyOnUrbanDictionary February 20, 2016
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The band who changed their name to "Weezer" when Rivers Cuomo replaced Elisha Cuthbert.
Ever since they changed their name to Weezer they are so much better!
by Bee Randon September 14, 2008
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The fictional start of the band Weezer, featured in the music video of Perfect Situation where Elisha Cuthbert is the lead singer. Then when she throws a tantrum on-stage, the timid roadie (Rivers Cuomo, the real lead singer of Weezer) steps up to finish out the song. The band swag salesman changes then the shirts from weeze to weezer by adding an "r" in a thick, black marker when Rivers gets the crowd jumping and shouting.
Dude, I was so pissed when weeze changed their name to weezer. All my shit is wrong now.
by atwig October 24, 2008
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