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When you have an upset tummy so your poo resembles wee and makes your bumhole burn like hell. Also see diarrhea.
Everybody avoid the toilet - that chicken madras has given me a bad case of wee-poo.
by Sarah Lou July 17, 2006
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When your faeces comes out with the same consistency of urine. Dehli Belly
Tourist 1 "That Indian street food was delicious"

Tourist 2 "Yeah, but in a few hours you're going to have the biggest weepoo ever"
by GoatHerder April 01, 2009
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When you go to the toilet expecting to have a wee and before you know it you're having a poo too!!
"Sorry I took so long Sels I had a wee poo"
by HLWC33 November 04, 2017
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