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A phrase pawned by the animated band Gorillaz a short time before the release of their second album, Demon Days. According to Guitarist Noodle, "Reject False Icons means many things. Think for yourself is one of them."

It is often preluded with the phrase "Respect false icons," the full phrase becoming "Respect false icons, reject false icons." A generally accepted idea is that the phrase was created to show that people should appreciate things such as music and the media, but not idolize them as they would God or religion.

Sadly, however, many Gorillaz fans have accepted the phrase as a use to describe any "posuer" artist or one they do not like as a false icon (I.E. Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff, Eminem) and continue to worship Gorillaz, thus destroying the whole meaning of the phrase.

Ironically, these fans repeat the phrase mindlessly in a manner resembling that of the zombified heads in the Gorillaz website-exclusive "Rock it" video used to promote the Reject False Icons campaign.
>>"Reject false icons!"

by Marshall Banana May 01, 2006

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Original project name for the Nintendo Gamecube.
When is the Nintendo Dolphin coming out?
by Marshall Banana June 01, 2005

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1. jono: n, one who regularly consumes drugs (legal or no) in bacchanalian quantities in lieu of social activity
2. jono: v, to smoke up in amounts or ways that lead to one of the following: a) sex, b) public embarrasment or c) arrest
3. jono: v, to draw a picture while highly intoxicated
1. J: Man, i was a full jono last nite
Q: Yeah fucken right man
2. B: I fully jonoed last nite, she was hot though
C: Who, the girl, the cop or the old lady?
B: Shut your asstrap assface
3. L: Did you see jono jono just before he jonoed? that fucken jono.
by marshall banana June 12, 2004

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1.) A statement expressing wishes to attend some sort of activity (i.e. We should all go to the movies sometime), but at the same time expressing no plans to actually organize such an event.

2.) Such a remark made as an insinuation that the person on the receiving end should plan said event.
"Adam said that we should go to the mall and hang out sometime."

"Really? When did he say to go?"

"He didn't, it was only a we should."
by Marshall Banana April 23, 2006

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A man who performs roles traditionally assigned to women, i.e. cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children.
Sam made all the guys dinner the other night, and today he ironed my shirt. That guy is such a stove cock.
by Marshall Banana January 17, 2004

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A really cool-looking house; a large house, mansion

The origin comes from the nursury rhyme "The house that Jack built" It is unsure who "Jack" really is, but it is believed that he may have been Jesus, since Jesus was a carpenter.
Man! I knew that Bill Gates guy was rich, but have you seen his house? THAT is the house that Jack built!
by Marshall Banana March 24, 2005

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one who has not yet had sex
J: you loser, ming mong world champion rupert beaumont 45 year old
by marshall banana June 12, 2004

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