You met this girl once and she's been calling you 8 times a day ever since?! Dude, that's wazy.
by benji g October 23, 2006
"way easy"

-made by Billy Crothers
Dude, that girl was wazy.
That test was wazy.

Your mom is wazy, to the max.
by gbaypack15 July 4, 2010
Bob said to his friend “yo bro, I’m feeling wazi today’
by Wazi.eezy November 13, 2019
a slang term meaning to procrastinate, a combonation of waiting and lazy
im wazying right now instead of working on my project
by Not Jaffe March 23, 2009
You want to add some lazy + spice it up with some wholesome
and you get WAZY
Andrew is always in a good mood but he never does his homework. What a wazy guy!
by cheezyfreezy May 13, 2021
Greetings: hello, how are you doing, or informal what's up
yo! wazie, how did the meeting go?
by ROYALTYSHYNE December 20, 2015
A popular slang term originating from kenya which is used to show disatisfaction and disbelief when someone tells you something.
Blake told me he tapped Amy last night and i was like " wazi bro" as i couldnt believe whay he was saying.
by J.m.e.s December 20, 2016