Living the gift god has gave you to the best ways possible by staying positive and not letting hurtful or upsetting actions and words affect you but also making the world around you a better place
by Xkatyrulesx November 18, 2017
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The highest level of smooth/cool/swagger. Smooth beyond words...
$1000 jeans, $200 sneaks, posted up on the Lex, clothes fitting incredible, smellin like a million bucks, all the girls jockin...So Wavy
by stevie mac777 June 21, 2013
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pretty beach like mermaid hair every girl wants it but cant have it
person: i wish my straight hair would curl

person 2: i have wavy hair bitch

curly hair girl bitch
by thegirlwithwavyhair November 27, 2013
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An east coast SoundCloud rapper that has wavy flow and McGrady rhymes.
Did you see Wavy McGrady perform with Lil TJAY?”
by Player384629 December 30, 2020
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Much like it's sister sex position, the Eiffel Tower, this requires a female (standing up but bent over) and two males on either side of her. Whilst male genitalia enter female orifices, the two males then put their arms and hands up (like the letter 'H') and wave around. Thus, the Wavy H.
Jordan and Jesse were bored with Ashley and the normal, everyday Eiffel Tower, so they decided to give her the Wavy H.
by Sue K. Mediik July 22, 2010
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