Wavis is a compound formed when you take the chemical solution,
Dexamphetamineate Methatide and Ambrosetextide, and soak it into bread.
Once the bread is dry, it is completly harmless and is undetectable drug wise.
The 'Wavis' at this stage is unusable, until toasted. Once the bread is toasted, the chemicals are reacted together and once eaten, it's a very potent 'trip' drug.

It is possible to use wholemeal/brown bread, but the potency is reduced if either is used.

The main problems with wavis is it being a photo-sensitive combustion compound.
(take a photo usign a flash and it will combust due to the intensity.)
The word Wavis can be used in relation to the drug.

- Do you want some 'wavis'.
_ Are you having 'wavis'.

Wavised wah-vis-ed
- I was propa 'wavised' last night.

Wavied wah-vee-d
- You were propa 'wavied' last night.
by Wavis Central www.wavis.tk April 18, 2005
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when someone is really drunk or high off marijuana.
hey chad i was so wavy yesterday night it wasnt even funny
by drybutta September 5, 2010
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A person who thinks they can be a DJ because they have a computer and virtual DJ. when in fact they are not real djs they are microwave dj's aka wavies. They are hated by all real djs. They suck and have no clue as to what they are doing. they are an overpriced ipod on shuffle mode, even then the ipod is better.
Ryan Tedermin is a wavie no wonder his shit always blows out. The only reason he has DJ equipment is becuase his mommy works for Pioneer.
by trav of 09 yeah boy April 14, 2009
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be wavy is another word for be cool.
hey adam be wavy bro
by GGBucketss January 22, 2022
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Wavy is the name for someone who is a bisexual, they are neither straight nor bent they are simply "wavy".
girl 1: Hey, is that sebastian gay!?
girl 2: No, he's just wavy.
girl 1: great!
by PoshGirl June 1, 2007
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When you have entered the realm of tipsy on the way to wasted. Most appropriately used on "Type Wavy Tuesday's"
Merlin: Yo how you feeling?
Arthur: Those shots got me feeling type wavy.

Klaus: White girl wasted!! Stupid schwasted!!
Caroline: This is why we can't have nice things #typewavytuesdays
by Eruuuuuka February 8, 2014
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When someone does some Ye shit, they are Confirmed Wavy. Often substituted by the wave emoji (🌊)

My boy, Kidthony Cudtano leaked Yandhi. He Confirmed Wavy.
My boy, Kidthony Cudtano leaked Yandhi. He Confirmed Wavy.
by Lord Popsicle April 25, 2019
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