Someone that is sexy asf or something that is nice asf

Wavy is pretty much another word for fine
That boy over there wavy as hell

That Jacket is wavy
by Kaylin Buckley August 24, 2016
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A guy who has an enormous dick. Who also looks very stylish at any time. Girls say that his dick is larger than a garden hose, it’s not human like is what they say. After talking to a doctor they just said that he has a big dick.
Girl1: OMG I was with wavy last night and you was right, his dick is enormous.

Girl2: I know right, you couldn’t even fit it in could you?
Girl1: No it was too big.
Girl3: Y’all must be talking about wavy, he dresses so stylish too.
by Anthony Morre December 29, 2017
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description word that describes something to be good and positive
person 1:"yo yo, what u think about these shoes?"

person 2:"yo, them kicks are wavy homie!"
by nate money February 16, 2017
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The quality or state of being Wavy or Wavey.
Max B: So you think you wavy huh?
Cooli Carlito: My Waviness is untouchable
by LaxativeReviews May 1, 2021
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the new futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation, popularized by rapper Max B
What you talking about, I'm the wave man, the silver surfer, I'm wavy B

Anybody that know me know I'm the waviest
by its moi February 22, 2008
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Trying to get with a girl who already has a boyfriend.
Bro stop pulling a Wavis.
by Carson Caldarone June 19, 2018
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the word everyone started using when they hopped on Max B's dick... roughly translates to mean somethin is real nice, or somethings good... basically it just has an overall positive connotation
1. yo dat car is wavy.
2. i'm feelin real wavy right now.
3. i'm ridin max b dick so hard yo, shit is wavy!
by Eddie J. December 22, 2008
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