It's against the law to go here and not put it on FaceBook.
If you want to see an example of the words "apple store" log into my FaceBook and see what my friends write.
by Tikibarberfan July 21, 2010
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the store you go to simply play with their stuff, and not actually buy anything
Person 1: "LOL, wered u take this pic??"
Person 2: "photobooth at the apple store :P"
by Buggy424 March 17, 2009
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The place where you go to TRY and buy apple products, but can't because none of the ubernerd fuckfaces will ever wait on you. Everyone in the store seems to be on some kind of techno high, surrounded by all this new apple shit. The people who work there will ignore you if you don't look like some nerd spaz dickweed, a.k.a. their people. You can somehow get put on a list of people who the appleheads will wait on first, like getting in line but without the line but with total chaos and no organization.The appleseeds all roll around with their fucking ipods typing shit in and runing back to the store room so you can't ask them any questions. You can go up to the counter and stand in front of at least 3 applefuckers and be ignored and passed over, at which point you may feel like picking up one of the stools and smashing the fuck out of something. In my personal experince, waiting for 45 min. to just pick up something that I ordered, I saw 2 applegeeks give each other a hi-five and say good day at work see you tommorow, real cool. I just can't belive some many fucking tools can be lumped up into one place, and they all say I'll have to ckeck the warranty on that and run some diagnostics on that, no matter what you hand them or what the problem is. Needless to say it probally is faster and far less aggravation to order something online and wait at your front door.
dude 1 : I went to the apple store yesterday to get my iphone looked at.

dude 2: What happened?

dude 1: They said they would check the warranty, and run some diagnostics on it.

dude 2 : What then?

dude 1: They said some internal shit was bad and the warranty was up, so they would give me like 25 bucks off a new one.

dude 2 : So did you get a new one?

dude 1 : Well being over a barrel and all I had no choice, so these fuckers then probably turned around and fixed my old one for like 5 bucks and will sell it as refurbished.

dude 2 : That sucks , to get fucked by appleheads.
by TV CAR July 20, 2010
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A commercial store which is the epitome of fun, and a new highly responsive trend. The store is located in most malls around America, and even some randomly placed on the streets. Upon entering, customers generally clump around a particularly large screen to play with the computers and frequently check their myspaces. Some choose to download some tunes to the IPods that are in the store, so that whenever they feel like jamming, they can return to the store and blast their music once again. Most customers aren’t customers at all. In fact, the place is raging with teenagers who are bored out of their skulls and seek cheap amusement. They enter the store and immediately begin playing with a popular program on the new Macintosh computers appropriately named “Photo Booth” in which you can change the face of the camera to “pimp out your pics”. This is seen as the new and fashionable thing to do, especially if you have a myspace. It is quite common to see a group of young teens huddle close around a computer, make a series of funny faces and laugh hysterically, then leave promptly. The apple store is the place to get new myspace photos when you are in a jam and don’t have a real camera on you.
Girl 1-I need a new myspace picture STAT!
Girl 2-Lets go to the Apple Store! It's the ghetto thing to do!

Boy 1-Yo dis is gonna look HOT on my myspace fo' real!
by AppleStoreFreak March 9, 2006
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Junior High School chicks that hang around the Apple store 24/7 taking hideous pictures of themselves with the "hot effects" that Apple PhotoBooth has to offer (17 ugly-ass effects). I guess they aren't really sluts, but its hard to tell what it is they want, hanging around a place looking hot all the time. Often times these girls will take hundreds of pictures just to get that "perfect one" for their MySpace. Also, when they sign in to MySpace to upload that hot-ass picture, they almost always forget to sign out. This makes it very easy to ruin their life, because as you know, each teenage girl has put her entire soul and power into her myspace, a bit like Sauron and The One Ring.
Apple Store Sluts:

Becky: OH. EM. GEE. Julianna, I simply HAVE to put this one on my MySpace, oh it's so perfect.

Julianna: Oh totally, we should take some more, maybe using some more of these rad filters.

Karen: Yeah guys we can't stop now, I still have 7 empty slots in my MySpace pictures section!

(The lame bitches upload their pictures, and then leave the store. Yet they are so naive, the forget to sign off. I enter the door, go on their MySpaces, delete everything, leave awful comments, delete some pictures, and my work is done. I have cast the ring into the fires of mount doom whence it came.)
by calhopkins December 16, 2006
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The Apple Play Store is the primary source for debate information. If facts or statistics are not found on the Apple Play Store they can not be trusted.
Representative 1: What is your source?
Representative 2: The Apple Play Store of course!
Representative 1: Alright, we know the information is legitimate.
by Branderrson January 11, 2021
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The only place where you can pay $10000 for a smart metal and glass sandwich and feel like it was worth it.
I bought my iPhone 15 pro max at the apple store because you know I'm rich.
by XperienceGB November 3, 2023
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