The act of standing while urinating between a persons legs while the said person is sitting on the lou while the other said person is urinating in the lou simultaneously.
Johnny and Sarah are waiting in line for the lou and they both decide to save time by using the restroom together. Sarah sits on the lou and proceeds to urinate while Johnny begins to urinate in between Sarah's legs. Ergo Johnny and Sarah save precious party time between pee breaks. Hence the term waterloo.
by A&W Root Beer February 04, 2011
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A quiet little town nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes of central New York. Home to unemployed factory workers, struggling small businesses, uncool people, virgins, untrustworthy Italians, men that drive trucks that are too expensive for them, fat freshmen with huge dicks, car washes, boys who are scared to move into their apartments, kids who drive around and smoke pot, crackhead policemen, multiple police forces, stuck-up worldly genius girls who have never left the county except to go to the mall, trap shooting, little league, heavy mom influence, Jack, kids who think they are awesome, kids who lie about how much gas is in their car, keystone ice, heavily modified Mustangs, rolling stops, loud cars whose drivers take a long time to shift, people who cross the street at the wrong time, multiple nursing homes, burnt out high school teachers, garages full of stolen goods, paries with one girl, make-out sluts, girls basketball games, free 100's, poker games, trailer parks, free cell phones, loud freight trains, no open lunch, the county fairgrounds, the county offices, the canal, seneca meadows landfill, silver creek, large tax increases, world of warcraft, fishing, people who don't answer their cell phones, liquor stores, convenience stores that always have cops at them, community college students, mood swings, girls who play games with virgins' hearts, Thurston, people who are 100% Italian, Catholics, people who steal stuff, con artists, demolition derbies, P&C, Mcdonalds, and NICE N EASY, MAN!
Man, I hate Waterloo, all the kids there are mad gay.
by desert fox May 25, 2005
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1. A town in Belgium.
2. A battle which occured near the town above, where the French emperor Napoleon was defeated and sent into his final exile on the island of Saint Helena.
3. A song by ABBA. Which somehow connects a relationship to this battle which cost thousands of lives. Hm.
1. Napoleon looked like he was making a comeback during the 100 Days... but then came Wellington, who helped defeat the mini emperor at Waterloo.
2. Waterloo, I was defeated you won the war...
by Jet March 25, 2005
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The second largest city in Iowa. No, they don't grow corn there.
Person #1 - Hey, what is that spot over there w/out any corn???
Person #2 - That's Waterloo, the second largest spot in Iowa.
by leahlynn April 18, 2007
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A sexual act in which a girl gives a blow job with her mouth filled with very warm water.
Woman: Yould you like me to give you a waterloo?

Man: What's that?

Woman: I'l suck you off with my mouth filled with hot water.

Man: Hell yes! Why would you even ask
by Colt doggg November 19, 2009
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A place where slut balls have sex and smoke pot. There is nothing else to do but hang out at the "waterloo mall" (rural king) and get kicked out of McDonalds after getting out of the movies. Sometimes you even get kicked out of the movies if you are making out to much and they think you are going to the extremes ... or if you talk too much ... even if you dont talk at all just give one of the ushers a dirty look and you're outta there. Waterloo is also called "Waterhole" or "The Loo" which means toilet or bathroom in England. Well it actually makes sense because the place smells like shit from all of the farmers fertalizing their land. I am a citizen of Waterhole and let me tell you it sucks. Just don't ride the town bicycle she sucks .. or blows i dont know.
by <Me April 09, 2005
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