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A dancer (usually a follow than lead) drenched in sweat, with great centripetal force while spinning on the dance floor who sprays innocent bystanders with in a radius of 10ft (~3m) radius with cold sweat droplets. Much to the disgust of the victims who quickly realize its not the leaky air conditioning at the club.
She sprayed everyone near her like a water sprinkler, with her cold sweat at the salsa club. As she was being spun fast and furiously on the dance floor
by d48109 February 21, 2010
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The patriarch of all the lame, white male teenager dance moves that are commonly seen today in clubs and parties. Rumored to have been invented by some Irish guy named Cormac in the mid 1980's at a frat house in Boston, Massachusetts. To perform the move successfully, bend one arm at the elbow and place your hand/fist on the very back of your head. Hold the opposite arm straight out to the side. Leaning back slightly, bring the elbow of your bent arm rapidly to and from the tip of your nose, while simultaneous moving the outstretched towards the front of your body in equal increments the coincide with the flapping of the opposite arm. Do this until the outstretched arm cannot go across your body any further, then return to the original position and repeat as many times as needed to totally turn off a member of the oposite sex. If performed correctly, however, can look remarkably similar to a real like water sprinkler.
"Ian, thinking that just shuffling his feet was going to make him look like an idiot on the dance floor, pulled out all the stops and gambled with a water sprinkler to make the ladies notice him. Consequently, two minutes later, Rasheed is bumping and grinding with a bevy of white girls to pick and choose from, while Ian is outside hailing a cab, cursing the day he was born."
by Nick February 04, 2004
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A male that wiggles his dick while having an ejaculation, sending semen everywhere.
Monica: Yo, my boyfriend is a damn good water sprinkler!!!
Jenny: Really?! We can have a threesome!!!
by BobbyChulo1234 March 17, 2018
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